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Sleep Researchers Turn to Indiegogo for Down’s Syndrome Study

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Researchers in Edinburgh, Scotland, have been undertaking a large survey of adults with Down’s syndrome and sleep-disordered breathing. The majority of sleep research has been conducted in the general population, which means many people with other health problems such as Down’s syndrome are excluded. Currently, only 2 in every 100 adults with Down’s syndrome are investigated and treated for sleep apnea, according to The University of Edinburgh. However, the researchers at Edinburgh Sleep Research Unit have found that 1 in 3 individuals with this syndrome suffer from moderate to severe sleep apnea, which means that up to 30% of people are not being offered any treatment or advice for their condition.

The researchers created an Indiegogo campaign to generate funding to continue their research in Down’s syndrome and sleep apnea as well as sleep in children with other disabilities. On its campaign site, it says, “Not all sleep centers deal with the same topics, issues, and problems that we do. Our focus is mainly clinical and our results have an immediate impact on people’s well-being—not just locally, but through spreading the word at conferences and writing papers that impact nationally and internationally so that our findings can be adopted by doctors and patients everywhere.”

The fundraising goal is £25,000 (~$42,000). Supporters can receive a relaxation CD, silk eye mask, a signed copy of a book by Dr Renita Riha, and “the satisfaction of helping researchers to find better treatments for people suffering from sleep disorders,” the campaign site says.