Polysomnography (PSG) Technology Guide (2015)

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PSG Guide

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Compare and contrast 11 polysomnography (PSG) products with our online comparison guide where key features are categorized and compared side-by-side.

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Sleep Review’s PSG matrix compares specifications for such features as PSG software, lab management software, amplifiers, video, and transducers for the following products: Cadwell Laboratories Inc Easy III with Easy III Software, Cadwell Laboratories Inc Easy Ambulatory with Easy III Software, CareFusion SomnoStar Software with z4 Amplifier, CleveMed Sapphire PSG, Compumedics USA Inc  Grael HD-PSG Amplifier with ProFusion PSG 3 Software, Compumedics USA Inc Somte PSG System with ProFusion PSG 3 Software, Natus Neurology  Sandman, Nihon Kohden America Inc PSG-1100 Sleep System, Philips Respironics Alice 6 DxN with Sleepware G3, Sleepvirtual/MDCD BW3 PSG Plus, and Somnomedics America Inc SOMNOscreen plus PLUS with DOMINO Software.


This technology guide is generously underwritten by SOMNOmedics.