When people need to seek urgent medical attention, they are not often in a position where they have the luxury of choosing their physician. With longer term conditions however, it is possible for patients to choose carefully, and reviews from previous patients are one tool potential patients use in determining whose care has been most effective.
sleep technologist roles
Night technologist jobs in sleep medicine are likely to decline in the future, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a dearth of opportunities for sleep technologists.
With the integration of HSAT into clinical practice, applying the precise billing and coding is a critical—but often bewildering—task. This article outlines an easy process to facilitate reimbursement.
Welltrinsic Sleep Network, SleepMed Physician Network, Sleep Impressions, and Nierman Physician Referral Program launched in 2014. We check in for current enrollment, accomplishments to date, and goals for the remainder of 2015.
Advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants have an increasingly expanding place on multidisciplinary sleep medicine teams and can play a vital role in patient care and education.
attorney billing specialist
Just as a PSG can diagnosis a patient’s sleep disorder and CPAP utilization can assist with the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, hiring a qualified attorney to serve as a billing specialist for a sleep lab or DME company can assist in identifying regulatory compliance concerns and provide advice on documenting areas of concern related to billing and claims submission.
dental sleep medicine
From the receptionist and billing coordinator to the hygienist and dental assistant, every employee should play an integral role in the screening and managing for potential patients who might not know they suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.
If you’re seeking additional growth avenues, there is a patient population you should consider accommodating: children.
reputation management
The director of physician marketing for offers four tips for how to maintain a favorable digital standing.
social media dental sleep
How do you, the dentist, utilize social media for your dental sleep practice? It’s simple! Here are three ways.
“Consumers are getting more savvy about the quality and cost of their healthcare, especially with the growth in popularity of benefits with lower premiums but higher out-of-pocket payments,” says Dr Barry Malinowski, vice president and medical director for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Ohio, in a release.
sleep medicine continuing education
Staying up to date with frequent changes in our professional pathway has always been a factor in providing excellent healthcare. Here are key details about your options—from in-house opportunities to distance learning to in-person conferences.
The answer: It depends. A sleep physician discusses many aspects of HST.
Compare 4 accrediting organizations in sleep medicine side by side. The matrix compares aspects such as costs, timeframe, number of years the accreditation is valid for, and renewal process.
dental sleep medicine
Patients get the best treatment for them, dentists treat cases with predictable results and obtain combination therapy support when required, and physicians gain access to additional resources and tools for their patients.
Nierman Practice Management and Sleep Apnea MD have just launched their new service, OSA Referral Network Builder, to dentists across the country who want to build a strong referral network to increase the number of patients who receive treatment for OSA (obstructive sleep apnea).
sleepmed corporate wellnes
SleepMed’s vision of reaching patients through corporate health and wellness programs is becoming reality—with interesting implications for sleep medicine overall.
telemedicine laws
Telemedicine is an emerging tool for sleep medicine practitioners to reach and engage with patients. Unfortunately, telemedicine practitioners use of 21st century technologies are sometimes limited to medical practice laws and regulations modeled on 20th century healthcare methods. Here are some legal dos and don’ts to consider when adopting telemedicine.
dentist blog
A dental sleep medicine expert shares how maintaining an active blog has connected him with patients and increased his credibility, plus offers insights on how to choose post topics.
In a reminder email, National Government Services (NGS) states that ventilator codes must be used for Medicare ventilator claims, even if the ventilator is being used only on CPAP or bi-level mode.