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When people need to seek urgent medical attention, they are not often in a position where they have the luxury of choosing their physician. With longer term conditions however, it is possible for patients to choose carefully, and reviews from previous patients are one tool potential patients use in determining whose care has been most effective.
Welltrinsic Sleep Network, SleepMed Physician Network, Sleep Impressions, and Nierman Physician Referral Program launched in 2014. We check in for current enrollment, accomplishments to date, and goals for the remainder of 2015.
If you’re seeking additional growth avenues, there is a patient population you should consider accommodating: children.
reputation management
The director of physician marketing for offers four tips for how to maintain a favorable digital standing.
social media dental sleep
How do you, the dentist, utilize social media for your dental sleep practice? It’s simple! Here are three ways.
Compare 4 accrediting organizations in sleep medicine side by side. The matrix compares aspects such as costs, timeframe, number of years the accreditation is valid for, and renewal process.
Nierman Practice Management and Sleep Apnea MD have just launched their new service, OSA Referral Network Builder, to dentists across the country who want to build a strong referral network to increase the number of patients who receive treatment for OSA (obstructive sleep apnea).
sleepmed corporate wellnes
SleepMed’s vision of reaching patients through corporate health and wellness programs is becoming reality—with interesting implications for sleep medicine overall.
dentist blog
A dental sleep medicine expert shares how maintaining an active blog has connected him with patients and increased his credibility, plus offers insights on how to choose post topics.
When adding HST, it’s wise to adapt your marketing strategy to target patients who could not (or would not) spend the night in a sleep lab. Here are four markets to consider.
sleep medicine specialties
Compared to many other specialties and subspecialties, sleep medicine is in its youth. To mature into a well-rounded adult, better and more open communication with other medical specialties is needed.
While some dental practices are thinking about treating sleep apnea, Dental Economics discusses how to best market this to your patients.
market dental sleep medicine
A dental sleep medicine expert offers advice on how best to introduce yourself, billing medical insurance, and grow your web presence.
doctor customer service
The practice of medicine requires extensive training and relies on hard science. But the attributes valued most by patients when rating and reviewing their doctors are more often those softer measures not taught in medical school.
sleep accreditation
Accreditation can unlock the door to improved patient care, a consistently high quality level, and greater network access by meeting the requirements of many private payors. An important early step is choosing your accreditation organization wisely.
Sleepmed network
SleepMed’s network may open the door to new referrals.
Clayton Sleep Institute
St Louis-based Clayton Sleep Institute has thrived in today’s tough sleep market by building long-term relationships, anticipating the market, and offering a range of services to a diverse patient population.
Welltrinsic Sleep Network
With start-up funding from the AASM and a strategic partnership with cloud service solution Somnoware, the Welltrinsic Sleep Network has the loftiest of goals. According to its executives, Welltrinsic will unite sleep physicians and centers to negotiate payor contracts, compile large-scale outcome data, and, ultimately, protect the long-term viability of the subspecialty.
Researchers in Edinburgh, Scotland, have been undertaking a large survey of adults with Down’s syndrome and sleep-disordered breathing. The majority of sleep research has been conducted in the general population, which means many people with other health problems such as Down’s syndrome are excluded.
When embarking on the accreditation process, it’s crucial to select an organization that meets the specific needs of your facility.