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A new study finds the orexin-receptor antagonist is effective in the elderly, reports Neurology Advisor.
A Yahoo! Beauty report examines a new offering from a Miami hotel that involves the use of micro current technology to simulate sleep.
A comfortable salary, low unemployment rate, and agreeable work-life balance boost dentist to a top position on U.S. News & World Report's list of Best Jobs of 2015. Could this mean more dental sleep medicine practitioners in the future?
One Seattle Children’s doctor thinks he’s close to stopping SIDS
Dr Daniel Rubens thinks SIDS could be related to  an undetected inner-ear dysfunction, reports The Seattle Times.
Town tackles truancy rate with sleep study
Thanks to Sannohe’s sleep counseling, the truancy rate at the town's middle schools was reduced to 2.36%  in 2013, down from 7.81% in 2010, reports The Japan News.
A Teen Life report examines the link between sleep deprivation and obesity in teens.
According to Neurology Advisor, stroke and sleep apnea are linked to lower verbal memory and function scores than sleep apnea or stroke alone.
Sleep Cycle, a smart phone alarm clock app that says it wakers users up in their lightest sleep phase, released some statistics about wakeup times around the globe, day of week with the best sleep quality, and more.
The "sleep hormone" comes in pill form, but in what situations does it really help a person snooze? Yahoo Health tackles the subject of melatonin.
An Australian study shows that a daily nap for kids 4 to 7 years of age may reduce sleep time at night, as reported by Reuters Health.
How can people seek help for a disorder they don't know they have? Medical Daily addresses the paradox.
CNN's Vital Signs profiles a woman who suffered from hypersomnia and whose sleep disorder symptoms were alleviated by Emory neurologist Dr David Rye.
Study probes link between loss of smell, diseases like Alzheimer's
Nova Scotia researchers are looking for healthy volunteers between the ages of 40 and 75 to take scratch-and-sniff tests in a quest to diagnose diseases like Parkinson's earlier.
A Bloomberg Business news report examines the software and gear-based fixes that can help mitigate the effects of technology use before bed that can disrupt sleep.
A US News & World Report article discusses the sleep problems common among patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and the importance of sleep for fighting the disease.
acro aircraft
The Daily Mail details the new airline innovations that are giving passengers comfier seats, more legroom, and improved sleep while flying.
zodiac aerospace
According to the Daily Mail, Zodiac Aerospace has revealed new designs for in-flight cabin crew quarters designed to maximize space and comfort.
Amanda Saucedo, an Ohio mom who lost her son Ben, has launched Benny Bears, a non-profit group that aims to educate parents on safe sleep practices for babies, as reported by The Chronicle-Telegram.
In a Medical Research interview, Carolina P B Gracitelli, MD, discusses a study that suggests sleep disturbances in glaucoma patients should be incorporated into clinical evaluations.
A KTAR News report discusses the benefits of napping during the workday for employees.