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Compare 16 oral appliances side by side. Sleep Review’s oral appliances matrix compares features such as fitting description, adjustment description, materials, and recommended cleaning.
Compare 5 oral appliance titration devices/gauges side by side. Sleep Review’s oral appliances titration devices matrix compares features such as titration location, predictive value explanation, and peer-reviewed studies.
The Soft Telescopic Sleep Herbst from Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd offers superior patient comfort and retention, and allows some lateral and vertical movement without disengaging the appliance.
The FDA has cleared MicroDental Laboratories' MicrO2 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Device. A CAD/CAM milled obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) device, the MicrO2 offers dentists a new option for treating the growing number of patients diagnosed with OSA.
Positive predictive value for response to custom mandibular advancement device (MAD) therapy based on a trial of prefab device ApneaRX was essentially 100% in a recent proof of concept feasibility pilot.
elliott alpher digital dentist
Digital scanners that create intraoral impressions are taking a bite out of the conventional dental impression market. Users say that the resulting oral appliances are more patient friendly and effective and that a digital protocol may eventually become the new standard of care.
air aid sleep sensor
Could the key to mass acceptance of oral appliances for mild to moderate OSA be a recorder that’s smaller than a fingernail?
The TheraSom Cast by Quali-Som is unique among oral appliances in that it comes with a 5-year warranty and avoids most temporomandibular joint disorder-related (TMJ) problems, according to creator Dr Thomas Meade.
3D Printed Device Tackles Sleeping Problem
Australia’s CSIRO and Oventus have worked together to produce a personalized mouthpiece that tackles sleep apnea, says AsianScientist magazine.
Scientists used a 3-D scanner to create a map of the patient’s mouth and used the results to print a mouthpiece coated with medical-grade plastic, reports Business Insider Australia.
Orthodontic Strategies for Sleep Apnea
A team of orthodontists has developed a strategy to effectively implement treatment of obstructive sleep apnea into a practice and improve patients’ lives, reports our sister publication Orthodontic Products.
Although the pink version of Zyppah's hybrid oral appliance was designed years ago, the company kept it a closely held secret. Newly revealed, each sold unit of the obstructive sleep apnea therapy device will result in $5 being donated to breast cancer awareness charity Susan G. Komen.
Apnea Sciences Corporation, together with its worldwide representative StopSnoring LLC and distributor Vocapella Technologies Ltd, recently unveiled its new intra oral appliance, SnoreMD.
Revamped creates a more user friendly and intuitive experience. “Some added features we created are top sellers, browse by price, and listing our featured products most commonly purchased,” says VP John Nadeau.
Compare 24 oral appliances side by side. Sleep Review's oral appliances matrix compares features such as indications, fitting description, materials, and recommended cleaning.
The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) announces the launch of the Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine, a new peer-reviewed journal that will be published by the AADSM in 2014. The founding editor-in-chief is Leslie Dort, DDS.
The 2014 Product Guide, an annual issue of product specifications and comparisons, published by Sleep Review, is now available. Read the digital edition, which includes bonus product listings not included in the print version, online.
The Herbst Device from Respire Medical is FDA cleared and now approved for Medicare. Respire Medical currently fabricates two oral sleep devices, The Respire Blue Series (dorsal fin), and the Respire Pink Series (Herbst device).
New website offers dentists and hygienists access to CEUs in dental sleep medicine. The site launched in November and includes articles and webinars worth 1 CEU each.
Based on the original TAP by Airway Management, the company's latest oral appliance is in a fitting category all its own. "Precision Fit" technology allows for accurate molding without bite registration and lab fabrication.