Compare and contrast 11 polysomnography (PSG) products with our online comparison guide where key features are categorized and compared side-by-side.
Compare 11 polysomnography systems (PSGs) side by side. Sleep Review’s PSG matrix compares specifications for such features as PSG software, lab management software, amplifiers, video, and transducers.
The CareFusion QDC-Pro device uses the calibrated respiratory inductive plethysmography (cRIP) method to closely estimate breathing movements from the thorax and abdominal walls. This approach helps you accurately assess disordered breathing for sleep apnea testing and treatment, according to the company.
Compare 12 PSG devices side by side. Sleep Review's PSG matrix compares features such as software, amplifiers, video, and support.
The 2014 Product Guide, an annual issue of product specifications and comparisons, published by Sleep Review, is now available. Read the digital edition, which includes bonus product listings not included in the print version, online.
Amidst technological advances, changing payor requirements, and healthcare reform, sleep technologists will have to seize new opportunities to thrive.
Sleep testing is clearly on the OIG's radar. A recently released report by the agency identified nearly $17 million in questionable billing for PSG services. A lawyer analyzes the OIG's report and provides recommendations you can implement today.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will use these measures to develop algorithms to detect inappropriate billing practices and to analyze the practices of sleep medicine providers in the future.
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The results expose the reason why 85% of the more than 43 million Americans with OSA remain undiagnosed.
The third release contains enhancements that will allow medical practices using the application to better customize it to their needs and to link with other sleep related providers.
Experienced executive to lead aggressive commercialization and growth of in-home testing for obstructive sleep apnea.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed rule for the 2014 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule includes projected cuts for all sleep medicine services in 2014.
CleveMed has released IDcheck, designed to verify the identity of patients during home sleep studies.
Spitznagel, who comes to NovaSom from Oceana Therapeutics Inc, succeeds Richard Hassett, MD, who served as president and CEO since 2010.
Sleep Review has made the question-asking process in its Expert Insight forum easier than ever.
The strategic alliance will integrate Itamar’s home sleep testing device, WatchPAT, with Somnoware’s cloud-based software platform.
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According to a special announcement from the AASM, Cigna and CareCentrix are responding to issues related to credentialing, maintenance of preauthorization approvals and documentation, and time spent during the appeal process.
CareCredit, a leading health care credit card, helps sleep treatment professionals improve patient outcomes by providing a convenient way to pay for sleep studies and recommended treatment.
Nihon Kohden introduced the PSG-1100 Polysomnography System, technology that brings together ease of connectivity, recording power, Nihon Kohden sensor technology, and high quality electronics.
NovaSom Inc, a provider of out of center sleep testing, was the first home testing company to receive approval by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.