Compare 7 electrodes, monitors, and sensors side by side. The matrix compares features such as warranty, patient range, and cleaning instructions.
ResMed Inc Sleep System
ResMed this week unveiled the S+ by ResMed, a contactless sleep system targeted at consumers. The S+ by ResMed is a personalized sleep solution that uses patented bio-motion sensors, designed to measure an individual's sleep stages and environment, and deliver personalized feedback that helps improve sleep from the very first night.
Misfit, makers of the Beddit Sleep System and Shine activity tracker, just announced its second wearable product, Misfit Flash, a fitness and sleep monitor.
Through wearable sensors and mobile app coaching, the small clip-on device reminds people of the need for bright light in the morning.
A single combined thermal/pressure sensor using polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film is as effective in measuring sleep-disordered breathing events during polysomnography (PSG) as are separate thermal and pressure sensors, according to a new study.
A Memory Volume Indicator (MVI) mode has been added to Nonin Medical Inc’s WristOx2 Model 3150 wrist-worn pulse oximeter. The MVI mode provides a graphic display of the amount of recorded data in the Model 3150 in hours and minutes and helps ensure that sufficient data has been recorded during oxygen verification testing.
Compare 11 electrodes, monitors, and sensors side by side. Sleep Review's electrodes matrix compares features such as warranty, PSG system compatibility, and technology.
The 2014 Product Guide, an annual issue of product specifications and comparisons, published by Sleep Review, is now available. Read the digital edition, which includes bonus product listings not included in the print version, online.
It consists of two electrodes connected by a short lead that simply clips onto two standard ECG pads worn on the chest. It also contains a tri-axial accelerometer, the signal from which allows the user to determine resting body position.
Sleep Review has made the question-asking process in its Expert Insight forum easier than ever.
Signature Sleep Services (dba Sleep960) will introduce a new sleep medicine delivery platform aimed at improving the patient's complete care cycle, while reducing the overall workload and increasing revenues of diagnostic and therapy providers.
A 100-car naturalistic driving study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has shown that fatigue is a cause of a higher percentage of crashes than previously estimated.
Rhythmlink has been recognized by the Safety, Health and Security Committee of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce at the 2013 Safety Awards Luncheon for its superior safety record.
The product monitors bodily functions during polysomnography testing to help determine if a patient has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
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The system, called PAViS, allows health care workers to detect unusual sleep patterns and assess changes in a patient’s health condition.
Plessey has developed a novel solution to monitor driver fatigue that is based on its EPIC sensor technology.
2012-08 05-01
by Hassan Abouhouli, MD, and Frank M. Ralls, MD Meeting diagnostic needs through a collaborative approach. The use of portable monitoring (PM) for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in the hospital setting is still being explored. Few hospit
AASM recommendations for portable monitoring. Revised portable monitoring (PM) device practice parameters were announced by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), following systematic and extensive data evaluation by an AASM task force.
2012-04 10-01
Leah Hansen, R.EEG/EP T, responds to Sleep Review readers' questions about electrodes and sensors. 2012-04 10-01
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