Compare 4 accrediting organizations in sleep medicine side by side. The matrix compares aspects such as costs, timeframe, number of years the accreditation is valid for, and renewal process.
SR_MyApneaOpenimageSized, an ambitious new online network backed by a million dollar grant, will have 50,000 members within the next 18 months. Powered by patients, this site has the potential to change how patients, professionals, and the public understand obstructive sleep apnea.
Spiritual Sleep Book
Sleep has been abducted from its natural home in our personal lives and become exceedingly medicalized, argues Dr Rubin Naiman. He believes conventional medical approaches have fallen short by over emphasizing objective views of sleep while virtually ignoring the personal spiritual experience of the sleeper.
Compare 9 sleep services (such as software and accreditation options) side by side. Sleep Review's sleep services matrix compares features such as platforms, pricing and pricing levels, and features.
The 2014 Product Guide, an annual issue of product specifications and comparisons, published by Sleep Review, is now available. Read the digital edition, which includes bonus product listings not included in the print version, online.
Through a dissolved distribution agreement with DeVilbiss Healthcare and a new sales force, a more direct customer approach begins.
The strategic alliance will integrate Itamar’s home sleep testing device, WatchPAT, with Somnoware’s cloud-based software platform.
The device-agnostic, web-based platform communicates with drivers to collect data and track compliance to sleep therapy.
Signature Sleep Services (dba Sleep960) will introduce a new sleep medicine delivery platform aimed at improving the patient's complete care cycle, while reducing the overall workload and increasing revenues of diagnostic and therapy providers.
Image of woman with laptop. is offering an online test preparation resource for sleep professionals taking the Sleep Medicine Boards.
Adhere is part of the company's current CareTouch360 platform, which communicates with patients and gives HME providers comprehensive patient status during the first three months they are on sleep therapy.
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Voluntary certification program affirms focus on consumer protection.
Physician pay for existing patient visits tumbled dramatically last year, dropping by as much as a third as payors continued to reduce costs by cutting pay for services, and began experimenting with "value-based" pay models.
Reimbursement rates for certain durable medical equipment will be, on average, 45% lower than the current rates.
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has accredited its 2,500th sleep center, setting an all-time high.
Sleep960 has released SleepTutor, an Internet insomnia therapy program for primary care and dental sleep professionals.
Nancy Nadolski, a nurse practitioner with years of experience treating sleep disorders in a clinical setting, is putting her experience and training to work in a new 5-week online sleep course.
Signature Sleep Services has reached an agreement with ZWare Inc to integrate its mobile patient referral generator application with a vendor neutral home sleep testing management program.
This course is developed specifically for nurse practitioners and physician assistants to integrate their skills into a sleep medicine practice.
Eight practices recently received facility accreditation from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), joining a group around the nation recognized for proficiency, professionalism, and procedural excellence regarding the treatment of p