Best Of Sleep Doctors and Facilities

The Weill Cornell Center for Sleep Medicine seeks to advance sleep medicine through comprehensive care, quality processes, and intense research.
Ahmad M. Ibrahimbacha, MD, an inspired physician with Syrian roots, delivers optimal care to a vast network of sleep disorder patients.
Pulmonary Associates of Richmond's Sleep Disorder Centers have made a commitment to providing comprehensive and individualized care to local sleep patients.
Business acumen and ambition to work in health care led Steve Cela to form Apnix Sleep Diagnostics.
The International Institute of Sleep has implemented a myriad of programs that support both patients and the sleep profession.
As health care evolves, Alexander Villareal, MD, keeps Geisinger Health Systems, Sleep Disorders Centers, ahead of the curve.
Douglas Livornese, MD, FACP, FCCP, FAASM, designed a resourceful CPAP compliance program that makes it difficult for patients not to adhere with therapy.
The Cleveland Sleep Centers: Improving sleep health care from every angle.
Under the leadership of Sunil Sharma, MD, DABSM, the East Carolina University Sleep Disorders and Research Center is taking a truly multidisciplinary approach to sleep disorder treatment.
Prabhat Soni, MD, FCCP, DABSM, tackles issues of awareness and screening in sleep medicine in the United States and India.
Using the Eye-Comtm Biosensor, Communicator and Controller eye-tracking system, developed by William Torch, MD, researchers are gaining insights into yet another fertile area of sleep research.